Stadsplein 16
1181 ZM Amstelveen

Tel: 020 453 6025

About us

About 45 years ago, Popov first opened it’s doors in the centre of Amsterdam and quickly became a well known breakfast and lunch adress in the city. In the year of 1998, the shopping mall in Amstelveen got renovated to be one of the biggest shopping malls in the country. Obviously this was a great opportunity for popov to expand and open another restaurant. Soon the new restaurant location turned out to be a bit small, since guests were lining up to get a table during lunch hours. After a move to a bigger location across from the beautiful fountain we were finally in the right place with a beautiful big terrace and an extra big dining room on the first floor.

We are open for lunch seven days a week. Since we really value a very high quality of our products, we work with a large variety of suppliers for meat, fish and vegetables, so that we can serve you only the best! Also, we have chosen to work with an organic coffee brand, to make sure you can have a real honest coffee experience.

Not only do we serve lunch, but we can also cater different types of sandwiches and salads. If you are interested in the posibilities, give us a call or come by the restaurant to discuss the various options.