Stadsplein 16
1181 ZM Amstelveen

Tel: 020 453 6025

Popov serves lunch seven days a week. You can either have a simple quick lunch, or you can choose to take a little more time and have a more extensive lunch. You can see the variety of lunch dishes in the menu below. Are there more than five in your party, just give us a call to reserve a table.
we charge an additional €0,50 for a crispy roll
All salads are served with tomato, cucumber, red union, sundried tomatoes, croutons, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and different types of lettuce.
we charge an additional €0,50 for a crispy roll

Please inform us beforehand if you have any allergies.
For allergen information, please contact the staff.

All our cheeses are pasteurized, except for the Parmesan cheese.
Our bread and sandwiches are all being smeared with butter.